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I am a lawyer. During the informal meeting arranged
through Lunchers I have presented specialization of my law firm.

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Let others know you

I own a DTP agency and thanks to Lunchers I easily manage
to inform others about my portfolio.

Expand your business

As a investor I always look for interesting projects.
I have been invited for lunch by very talented people with some brilliant business ideas.

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During one of the networking meetings I have exchanged important
business opinion with other accountancy bureau owner.

What others say about us...

Lunch is a perfect occasion to meet interesting people, exchange opinions and business ideas. That is why I highly recommend Lunchers!

Jadwiga N, Management

Meeting new people over lunch expands my horizons and helps me to generate new business ideas.

Maciej Szwarc, Owner

Thanks to Lunchers I have an easy access to Clients as well as potential Employees. Business lunches are always successful!

Piotr Orzechowski, Owner

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